Things to Prepare Before Your Little One Enters School

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Little One Enters School

The little one who feels like it was just yesterday that he was born is already going to school this year. There must be a sense of pride, and emotion, but also a little anxiety. Wondering if your little one is ready to go to school, and what can you do before your little one enters school, here are some tips for moms

School Supplies Are Available Before Your Little One Enters School

Ahead of the new school year, there are many things that need to be prepared. Have Bubu and Pak Husband already registered? How about books and uniforms? Is there a school orientation to follow? Following the school orientation will make Bubu and Pak Husband recognize the culture and demands that exist in the school.

Introduce Your Little One to His New School

Visiting a new school first, trying on a new uniform, and telling enthusiastically about school life in elementary school will make your little one excited and help him/her face the transition from kindergarten to elementary school. Bubu can also use the school website to view photos or videos from school and see with your little one

Build a Routine

When your little one enters school, they must begin to be introduced to routines. Imagine if your little one is still not regularly sleeping at night. Then there is the possibility of getting up early in the morning and late for school. Of course, Bubu doesn’t want that to happen, right? Start building a routine at least 2 weeks before school starts. If it could be sooner, like 1 or 2 months before school starts, it would be better.

Build Healthy Habits

Waking up early even though you’re not in school, exercising, eating healthy and regularly, balancing screen time with off-screen time, and getting enough sleep will help your child grow optimally and have enough energy for school activities. Therefore, make sure that healthy habits continue even when you are on vacation or before entering elementary school, Bubu.

Make Sure Your Little One Is Able To Carry Out Health Protocols

Going to school during a pandemic, of course, is very different when compared to attending school before. Being able to wear a mask at all times, wash hands thoroughly, be able to change the mask yourself when needed, and not exchange cutlery with friends are things that must be taught to your little one.