Tips for Building an Entrepreneur’s Character

Primary Education

In several moments of entrepreneur’s meetings and discussions that I participated in. Many of them highlight the problem of character in business or entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs. Each individual certainly has their own character, with all kinds of patterns and ways to make something successful or more successful.

Entrepreneur’s comes from the word effort, which means (always) can do something with all his toil and be patient in living it and painstaking in going through the business. Where someone with an entrepreneur character will remain consistent, focused, and continue to learn from what is his goal in trying. It takes a strong character to run all fields of business, here are some ways of thinking in becoming a more independent entrepreneur;

Appreciate Other People’s Products

By respecting other people’s products, then you will be able to put the same situation if one day someone else needs your product. It is not the nature of a good entrepreneur to actually be able to pay decently for the work or products of one’s own friends but try to get the lowest possible price for the reason of “friendship”. This incident has happened in many communities. If indeed you are a friend, then give more.

Enjoy Criticism

Keep trying to accept criticism. The power of criticism will be very constructive if we as entrepreneurs are able to accept it. The criticism is that honey is sprayed hard, after it subsides, the sweetness of the honey is usually more noticeable. As for praise, it is a form of murder by slashing the neck slowly without us noticing.

Speak According To The Expert

A good businessman will talk about what he himself knows for sure. Not just putting forward assumptions. Because assumptions are estimates or guesses, not studies. Including when looking at a product that will be sold, do an in-depth study and not just based on the assumptions of friends or neighbors.

Focus And Be Consistent

There’s nothing more than this. Consistency in trying will make you an expert. Keep focused and keep doing what you have chosen in your business, don’t be tempted by the neighbor’s grass because the neighbor’s grass is forbidden to eat. Do the best at least for yourself, so that it will make it easier for us to learn what is best for others. That is the character of an entrepreneur.

The attitude and nature of entrepreneurs will never harm others, let alone their own friends. Entrepreneurs will still set foot on the earth no matter how successful he is. Congratulations on continuing to study and learn which will definitely make us sweat.