Tips for Choosing a Laptop for Middle School

Education Information

If you have children who have started junior high school and ask to buy a laptop? are you looking for a laptop for school activities? Read this article to the end to find out how to easily choose a laptop for junior high school students.

Laptop Functions and Needs at School

Before buying a laptop for junior high school students, make sure what it will be used for later. By having a laptop, children can learn independently through their laptops and also do assignments from the teacher in the form of light writing and presentations. Also pay attention to the extra-curricular activities, if your child takes extracurricular activities related to robotics, animation, etc., it will be very helpful to have a laptop.

Who Will Use the Laptop

Not infrequently there are brothers and sisters whose age is only one year apart and sometimes the existing budget is not sufficient to buy both laptops. One option that can be done is to buy a laptop for both. When you come to a laptop shop, don’t be shy about telling your child’s needs and the available budget. So that sales or promoters can recommend the right laptop according to your funds and needs. The available budget also determines whether you will buy a new or used laptop. At the same price, you can get higher specs by buying a used laptop.

Available Budget

After knowing what their needs are. Next, consider the available budget. If it’s just for typing, browsing, and occasionally watching laptop movies with a price tag of under 5 million, there are many that can meet these needs. If the child needs a laptop that can render images or animations, there are also laptops above 5 million that are equipped with a graphics card or VGA. Having a graphics card like NVIDIA or Radeon is quite important for graphics-related activities.

Used Until When?

Children’s hobbies are easy to change. Laptops are not only for typing assignments and browsing, maybe in high school, you already need a laptop that supports graphic design and videography. So that after the child enters high school and has a new laptop, the old laptop can still be used by other families. Or if you have a plan for sale, buy a laptop that has a high resale value.