Tips for Choosing the Right Child Care for Your Baby


where child care can answer the worries of parents who are not willing to leave their children to work. Not surprisingly, choosing daycare must be done slowly and not in a hurry so that your little one also feels comfortable. Before deciding to choose daycare, it’s a good idea to consider the following tips:

Make A List Of Child Care Around Your Home Or Workplace

There are parents who choose to entrust their children to child care around the house, but there are also those who prefer child care near their place of work. Both are equally okay, depending on the comfort of parents and children.

Make Sure To Choose A Child Care Place That Has A Business License

Choose a daycare that has a daycare business license from the government. According to Icha Suri Annisa, one of the owners of the Kidee Child Care Senopati daycare, this is important for safety. Because there are so many daycares that do not have a legal entity, so if something happens to the child, it will be very difficult to process it.

Babysitting Ratio

Choose a daycare that can offer maximum child care. Ideally, one caregiver can look after two children under one year. While children aged over four years, ideally one caregiver can take care of five children so that children’s needs, children’s emotions, and children’s affection are fulfilled.

Have a High Commitment to Time

Elizabeth also said that good Child Care is how parents don’t just let their children go, by being quite strict in managing the schedule.

Qualities of a Good Nanny

Observe how the caregivers there interact with the children who are entrusted. See how the children are being cared for. See how neat the nanny looks and her health, plus how she talks to children. Is it polite or rude?

Have Daily Report

A good daycare must have a daily report. It is the right of parents to know it, from eating hours, sleeping hours to defecating hours. Make sure you get the report to continue to monitor the child’s growth and development. Also, make sure you can also give a note about the history of the child’s allergies if any.