Tips for Creating a Comfortable Classroom Atmosphere

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Comfortable Classroom Atmosphere

A comfortable classroom atmosphere is an important supporting factor in the child’s learning process. School is one of the important places for children to get an education from teachers when it is time for subjects. Many children still find it difficult to pay attention to the teacher in the classroom because of the unsupportive atmosphere.

Organizing the physical environment for teaching is a logical starting point for classroom management because it is one of the tasks that all teachers must face before class activities begin. There are teachers who find it easier to plan non-physical aspects of classroom management than having to manage the classroom environment to support learning achievement.

Important Components of Setting the Comfortable Classroom Atmosphere

There are various kinds of important components that must be applied to make the atmosphere of the room in this class comfortable so that the learning process can run smoothly. The following are some of the keys that will assist teachers in designing classroom settings so that they can create an effective learning climate;

Wall and Ceiling Space Arrangements

Wall space and bulletin boards will provide a place to facilitate the appearance of the room as student works and instruments relevant to the learning process. The students’ works, such as assignments given by the teacher, making decorations from class rules, class schedules, class pickets, and wall hanging knick-knacks will give an attractive impression to the classroom. Explain that the ceiling can also be used to hang objects from student work or decorations so that they can be moved to beautify the classroom.

Organizing Floor Space

Furthermore, you must also arrange the floor space as a good starting point for the classroom arrangement plan. So the teacher must determine where the students will conduct the learning whether it is sitting in a chair, standing, or sitting on the floor in a relaxed atmosphere. The teacher must also provide a place and layout of a large room for students to gather on the floor in the learning process.

Student Table and Chair Arrangement

The arrangement of students’ desks and chairs also have an influence on the comfort of the classroom. So the atmosphere of this classroom must be considered carefully, especially to determine the seating arrangement that is made in various ways in order to create a new and interesting atmosphere. So students’ writing desks can be arranged in groups, in a row, in a circle, in a semi-circle, a horseshoe, and so on. Make sure this student table and chair arrangement can achieve the learning objectives.

Bookcase Arrangement and Study Materials

Bookcases containing various kinds of learning materials and teaching materials should be placed in a place that does not hinder and hinder students from accessing them. Eat Place it in a place that is easier to see, easier to watch easily, and won’t get in the way. Consideration using a push cupboard will be more effective for storing textbooks and other materials so they must be moved from one position to another for easier viewing.

Teacher’s Desk Arrangement and Teacher’s Equipment

Arranging writing desks and teacher equipment is also important to make students more comfortable studying and paying attention to the teacher when explaining. So the teacher can face the students and make sure that the students can see the teacher from their seats. It is not necessary for the teacher’s desk to be in front of the student’s desk, because some birds prefer to place their writing at the back of the room rather than at the front.

The teacher’s equipment should be stored at his own desk so that he always pays attention to the limits and equipment every school year.

The atmosphere of the classroom must be made as comfortable as possible so that the teaching and learning process can run smoothly without any obstacles. Important components that can affect the learning process in the classroom must also be well organized.