Tips for Educating 5-Year-Olds

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Over time, the age of the little one will also increase and Mama as a parent needs to understand the developments that are happening to him. Children entering the age of 5 years means children are in the final phase called toddlers. It should be realized that children aged 5 years have begun to show characteristics ranging from being more active to be happy to explore the surrounding environment, including at home. Not infrequently, the older they get, the more difficult they are to manage and compromise. If your little one is now 5 years old, you don’t need to be confused when you want to educate his character according to his developmental age. Curious about what needs to be built when educating your little one at the age of 5, here are some tips

Developing Spiritual Intelligence Starts At An Early Age

Moms, talking about spiritual intelligence is certainly needed by everyone, especially since it needs to be taught to children from an early age. The goal is to teach spiritual intelligence so that children have inner and spiritual sensitivity towards themselves and others. In addition, children aged 5 years need to be taught about God as the Creator. At least this is useful so that mama’s child has a good spiritual relationship from a young age. This spiritual intelligence can be introduced by teaching him how to pray before eating. Then teach also how to be grateful to the Creator for the happiness that your little one receives today.

Cultivate A Sense Of Love For Others

At the age of a child who has entered 5 years, Mama can start teaching him to learn to love and cultivate a sense of love for others. This lesson is very important starting early, including starting with family, so that without realizing it, children are increasingly learning and developing this love for others. Begin to teach it from small actions such as giving a hug or a warm kiss. Mama can also teach to be able to care for each other, especially when her brother or sister is in trouble.

 Teachers To Be Honest

When the child is 5 years old, parents need to continue to teach them about being honest. When children make mistakes, parents need to remind their little ones to try to be honest and apologize for all their mistakes. At the age of 5 years, children usually still have a shy nature in admitting their own mistakes, so learning, to be honest, is important. Having an honest nature at least can provide positive benefits for children.

Learn To Read To Hone Children’s Cognitive Abilities

The basic cognitive abilities of children at the age of 5 years need to be trained in simple ways, such as learning to read. This basic lesson needs to be a distraction between children’s playtime. When teaching children to read, parents need to take it slowly and try not to be too pushy. Find the right time so that your child is ready to start learning to read. When starting to stimulate children to learn to read, you should start with the basics, namely the introduction of the letters of the alphabet A-Z.