Tips For Educating Children In A Family Environment

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 Educating Children In A Family Environment

Children are a gift for both parents. This trust is carried out by protecting children. Protection in this case is not only a matter of meeting the basic needs of children. The most important protection is the guarantee of children getting formal and non-formal education. Parents must pay attention to how to educating children in a family environment because the attitudes and personalities of children grow and develop first in the family environment. Every parent has their own style and way of educating their children. It depends on the education, knowledge, and insight of parents on the process of children’s education in the family environment. In general, educating children well in the family environment can be stated as follows:

Educating Children In A Family Environment Begins With Attention

Parents need to show special attention to the development and progress of their children before entering the world of school. However, this attention is not excessive so that children can grow and develop independently. Attention to children in accordance with the level of development of attitudes and behavior of children. After all, children are not replicas of their parents. Therefore, parents treat children as individuals who are growing and developing physically and psychologically.

Rewards And Punishments

Children who do something good attitude and behavior need to get praise and appreciation, verbally and non-verbally. On the other hand, parents need to give warnings and punishments according to the child’s deviant behavior. This pattern of education reminds children that good attitudes and behavior in social interactions will be liked by people. While bad actions are definitely not liked by people so they need to be avoided. If such actions are taken, they will receive social punishment from people in the social environment.

Examples And Examples

The best method of education in the family environment is the method of example and example. Children tend to imitate the pattern of life that is run by parents and adults in the family environment. When parents educate their children about polite attitudes and behavior towards others, parents need to show it clearly. Likewise in terms of worship in everyday life where parents provide examples and examples. Not just recommending or ordering children to worship. ┬áThis method is no longer effective for today’s children without real examples from both parents.

Good Habit

Good habits are good traditions or cultures that parents do every day. For example, the culture of reading, saving, living frugally and simply, and many other examples.  This habit will affect the attitude and behavior of the child so that the child tries to implement it.

Good Communication

Good communication between parents and children does not always take the form of formal communication. Communication in this case is good communication and full of intimacy. Warm and enthusiastic communication will make children feel valued by their parents. Social conflicts between parents and children often start from a lack of harmony in communication. Children often take negative actions such as like to argue and disobeying their parents. Therefore, good communication is the best way for children to obey their parents.

Thus 5 light tips in educating children in the family environment. Hopefully, it will inspire fellow parents and educators in general.