Tips for Teaching Children at Home

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Teaching Children at Home

Tips for Teaching Children at Home is an article that many parents are looking for. How not, many parents are starting to complain about the teaching and learning system at home which makes parents’ blood pressure continue to rise. There are those who feel that the teacher only provides practice questions without any teaching activities and that all learning matters are inevitably handled by the fathers and mothers. Here are some tips for teaching children at home:

Involve The Whole Family In Teaching Children At Home

It can’t be that only mothers and fathers are involved, everyone must be involved, and even household members who live at home must also understand the current situation of studying at home. First, explain to the child about the current condition that he has to live with also experienced by all other school children. Explain that even if he is at home, he still has tasks to do. Because this is called studying at home, not a holiday. As much as possible, stick to the schedule according to his school days.

Create A Daily Schedule

Don’t let your child’s daily schedule get messy. Set a schedule for studying at ‘school’, eating, resting, and other activities (lessons if available or possible). Disorganized activities make all parties emotionally uncomfortable. Not only are we parents uncomfortable, children also feel the same way, so please explain the current conditions and involve your children in making daily schedules,” said Maria Chamberlain, who has been homeschooling her seven children for more than 30 years.

Have A Good Cooperation With The School

Try to have a fixed schedule for online joint meetings between teachers and parents to get an agreement on the form of teaching that will be given, duration, number of assignments, and types. Will there be online classes every day or only two to three times a week? Also, make sure that both parents and students have the same goals at the end of the school year.

Create A Study Corner

Just as we are trying to create a ‘workspace’ at home, so do the same for the kids. Invite them to create a comfortable study corner for them to study. Moreover, every child has a different learning style, so adjusting the learning angle to the learning style can be an option. Free them to choose the room where they will study. Family room, bed, study table, as long as it makes them feel comfortable.

Right now, the situation is not ideal, so it’s difficult if we force ourselves to do something ideal. Just try your best. For me personally, if I can find a solution that is both calming for me as a parent, for the children, and also for the teachers.