Tips for Teaching Writing to Children Easily

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Teaching Writing to Children

Reading and writing are strong early markers that determine a child’s success in life. Reading and writing skills are generally taught by teachers in schools, but as parents, we must also be able to know how to teach writing to children. Previously, did you know that learning to write has a myriad of benefits for your little one? Learning to write is one of the most effective steps to honing and developing fine motor skills. Fine motor is the development of a movement that includes small muscles with eye-hand coordination, for example, such as drawing and writing. Come on, let’s look at the following tips for teaching children to write:

Teaching Writing To Children  Slowly

Teaching children to write certainly requires patience. One of the tips is to teach children slowly during certain stages.

Start With A Positive Attitude

The best method of providing education for children is to condition children to enjoy the learning process. The learning process is conditioned to be fun, and challenging, and there is a learning reflection process available in it. Mama who is an adult, Mama certainly understands more about the advantages of being able to make good handwriting. However, in this case, a child does not necessarily have the same understanding, even older children such as elementary school age or teenagers, many of whom feel that their handwriting is imprinted on it, and cannot be sharpened. develop again.

Pay Attention To The Way The Child Holds The Writing

A practical way to teach children to grip properly is to give an example of holding the tip of a pencil/pen in a child’s hand, using the thumb and index finger, then resting it on the edge of the hand. If your child has difficulty in learning to grip, you can explore by providing various types of pencils or pens in various sizes and shapes.

Use A Lined Writing Book As A Tool

Use a lined writing book as a tool, give examples of writing, so that children can follow the examples of writing that Mama gave. Give an appreciation of praise for each writing that is correct, and also provide input for corrections to children’s writing that still needs improvement. For example writing needs to follow the arrangement of line compositions provided in inlined books, not crossing the line so that the writing is neatly arranged, or the position of the dot on the letter (i) must be right above the perpendicular line of the letter so that it can be understood by the reader.1

Provide Writing Utensils And Give Children The Opportunity To Write Their Work

The choice of a variety of stationery such as mechanical pencils, gel ink pens, colorful sticky paper, HVS paper, and various other accessories helps to stimulate children’s creative spirit when they are going to do writing activities. Also involve the child’s writing process in daily household life, for example making a monthly shopping arrangement, making a list of household tasks that need to be done, supporting the child’s enthusiasm to make journals or special notes about things they enjoy and can build their creative abilities and spirit while providing practical benefits in the daily life of the family.

Practice Writing with Games

One of the games that children can do to learn to write is a game. You can cut some letters to choose a writing game, such as a letter-connecting game or a puzzle. This can be a step toward Mama’s success in teaching children to write.

Learn to Write with a Pencil

For early learning, children can write with a short pencil according to their grip. It also aims to train the child’s grip muscles.

Introduce Alternating Letters

One of the tips to teach children to write is to take turns. For example, one day focus on the letter A, then tomorrow move to the letter B, and so on.

Avoid Demanding Perfection on Children

Mama must remember that children are still in the learning stage. Therefore, make sure you don’t ask your child to write perfectly.

Invite the Children to Thicken the Picture Letters

One way to write is to use a bold lettering technique. Make letters that are lined thinly and ask the child to connect the lines.

Practice Writing with Games

Parents can teach children to write by cutting out a few letters and then asking the children to write the letters again.

Avoid Limiting

At the beginning of learning, of course, children’s writing is not as good as adults who are already proficient at writing. Free the child when learning to write, if the child has understood the basics, Mama can help direct the child’s writing to be neater.

Frequently Communicating with Children

One way to teach children to write is to communicate more often