Tips To Become a Modern Teacher Who Is Missed

Modern Teacher

Becoming a modern teacher who is not out of date, aka contemporary, is a complex and challenging thing. As a teacher, Smart Teacher does not only provide learning experiences but also has to think about accountability for the success of the students he teaches. Today’s teachers must be able to produce quality generations that are highly anticipated by graduate users.

Modern teachers for today’s kids, what are the criteria? To be a current teacher as well as a future teacher must meet the following criteria!

Modern Teacher Loves to Learn

Being a contemporary teacher means having to become a teacher-long-life learner. Thus Smart Teachers will continue to push themselves to be able to meet the standards and criteria of professional educators as stated in the National Education State Regulation No. 35 of 2010 concerning Technical Instructions for Teacher Functional Positions and Credit Scores. The current teacher profile will be manifested in the internalization of pedagogical, personality, social and professional competencies.

Have the Quality As An Effective Teacher

A surprising finding was revealed regarding the effect of the quality of educators or teachers on children’s achievement, namely the achievement of students who were taught by non-effective educators was 25% while those who coached effective teachers was 75%. So, it makes sense, why do today’s teachers have to have individual qualities as effective teachers?

Reflective Teacher

Millennial-century teachers must be able to act reflectively. Even though teaching has become a routine activity, it doesn’t mean that the Smart Teacher is perfect and doesn’t need to reflect. Reflective contemporary teachers continuously think about, evaluate and plan what they have done, are doing, and will do in class so that the quality of learning can be maintained.


Generation Z teachers cannot teach the same way as old teachers who tend to be self-centered. In the past, the teacher was the center of learning. So students seemed passive and only accepted whatever was given by the teacher. Today’s teachers must be student-centered, namely learning that can encourage students to be actively involved in building knowledge, attitudes, and behavior.


The world of education moves so dynamically. This requires the teacher to be a teacher able to adapt to all developments and changes that occur. Various developments and changes are present in the world of education, especially after the pandemic hit.


The next criterion for contemporary teachers is visionary or being able to think ahead. The slang teacher who is missed in the 21st century is a teacher who is able to become a mentor for his students. Not only delivering lessons, Smart Teachers must also be able to direct their students. How to? Visionary teachers are able to see the extraordinary potential that is hidden in their students and then hone and direct it so that later students will become successful people.

Tech Savvy

What happens when tech-savvy Generation Z students are taught by an out-of-date, non-tech-savvy teacher? One way to be a fun and modern teacher is to always be up to date on all developments, including technology.


Collaboration is one of the 21st-century skills that teachers must teach students. Therefore, the teacher must be able to set an example in working collaboratively and be able to guide students to collaborate in learning. Collaboration is a new form of competition, where students are taught to take part in a success that is achieved together. Collaboration skills can also increase the effectiveness of an activity.


Today’s teaching techniques require teachers to be more creative and able to think outside the box. Teacher creativity is not only limited to making learning media. But also how to apply learning techniques or strategies that can make students learn comfortably and also have fun.


Tips for becoming a contemporary teacher are open-minded or open-mindedness. Smart teachers who are open-minded will not be skeptical of new things but examine and assess whether these things are good and can be applied in class. This open-minded criterion allows Smart Teachers to have broad insights and be able to see things from several different perspectives. Do not let the stubbornness of a teacher who feels that he is always right harm the students he teaches.

So, those are the criteria for idol teachers. Ideal teachers and contemporary teachers are always missed by their students even when the students are adults. Are you ready to be a modern teacher?