Tips to Getting Rid of Lazy Learning

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Lazy Learning

Laziness to study is one of the bad habits that often occur among students. In fact, the main task of students is to learn. If laziness is hitting, then the body must be able to control itself so that laziness does not come over. As a student, you must know the causes of lazy learning and how to overcome them. By knowing the cause, then you will try to find a solution. You must know how to overcome lazy self-study. However, for those of you who need guidance on tips for eliminating the sense of learning, the following has been prepared for you. Namely 5 most powerful tips to eliminate the sense of learning. Listen carefully

Start with Things You Like to Get Rid of Lazy Learning

If you’re the lazy type of studying, maybe you haven’t found something you like. You can build your mood first before studying. For example, write a diary first, take photos of the learning atmosphere, listen to 1-2 songs, or create a comfortable atmosphere. So start with the things you like for 5-10 minutes of learning begins.

Make The Atmosphere As Pleasant As Possible

You have to be able to create a comfortable atmosphere as possible. Because a less supportive atmosphere cannot give you enthusiasm for learning. Try cleaning your room. Make your bed and your study table. Shower and dress well. Then sit up straight in the chair which is then ready to study. At night, turn on the lights so that your brain is trained to be enthusiastic about learning.

Focus on 1 Subject First

When studying, you should focus on 1 subject or subject. Complete the material for 1 hour. Then take a short break and then study another subject. It would be better if you have a regular study schedule. So that your additional study schedule at home is recorded properly. Biology is studied on what day, Chemistry is studied on what day, and so on.

 Change the Learning Media You Like

This seems to be the most powerful way to dispel laziness when studying. Maybe you are tired of reading text in books. If you are bored, don’t stop, but change your method or media. Maybe you need a video or motion picture that can explain the material. With videos, it is likely that you are more interested in learning so that laziness does not come to you.

Give Reward During Rest

When studying at home, make sure you have a break. In 1 hour, maybe you can rest for 5-15 minutes. During the break, you can give yourself a small reward. For example, eating snacks, watching Youtube for a while, and so on. However, not for long. If it’s too long, then you will be lazy to continue studying.

So those are 5 tips to get rid of lazy learning that you can try at home. By applying these five tips, it is guaranteed that laziness will not come to you because you have found the right method. With the right method, you will definitely be enthusiastic about learning.