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Benefits of Culturally Responsive Learning

We can define cultural competence as an awareness of a student about the cultural identity and their views of uniqueness and being able to build their learning experience based on the varying cultures and community norms of other students. There within group differences are able to be seen clearly through cultural competence in a way in which it can enhance between group tapestry. Culturally responsive learning therefore refers to a teaching process that is embraced by a teacher in which they prioritize cultural competence in a way that they can be able to pass it in comprehension and understanding to the students. In this article will look at some of the reasons why should consider culturally responsive learning.

Culturally responsive learning offers an opportunity to be sensitive to the needs of the students attending a particular educational institution and such can come through the change of curriculum. Students of different cultures may feel a bit intimidated and left out by many of the existing curriculums. There is a chance through culturally responsive planning to be able to meet the needs of such students by being more culturally sensitive during the lessons. This increases the rate in which they can be able to learn as they feel more accommodated and embraced.

The quality of education and training can be much improved through learning in the context of culture. It can be an eye-opener for students when they are able to learn beyond what they read in the books but also to relate what is taught in the classrooms together with their diverse backgrounds so that they can be able to control any conclusions and therefore, the whole process can be able to lead to better quality of learning generally.

The view over teacher can immediately change through culturally responsive learning and they can be perceived as instructors by the students. Learning stops to be a forceful experience as students can be able to organically relate with the environments in order to draw meaningful conclusions that can enhance their learning and therefore, it is a teacher’s work just to instruct them to be able to teach themselves.

The communications of students can be able to be improved significantly through culturally responsive learning. Students can always take to the corporate world an extra skill in communication in which they can be able to relate more to diverse people whom they will be able to communicate with in one way or another and this will enable them to stand out when it comes to forms of communication as they will be able to relate well with people of diverse cultures and traditions because of their mindset of cultural sensitivity that was built in them.

Culturally responsive education is the right way to go in the modern world that is increasingly becoming aware of the vast differences in terms of race, backgrounds and many more other things.

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